CONSUI ltd. has nearly two decades of experience in building custom software for large companies. Should you have requirements that IPS can’t meet in its standard package, feel free to contact us, so that we can investigate whether we can deliver a customized solution. You as a customer will be the sole owner of the software, and you are therefore responsible for the maintenance and possibly the infrastructure, where we can advise.

If you, as a customer, need some custom software totally separate from IPS, but it falls within our expertise, we can also create for you a customized solution.

We will then make a contract that will include the necessary measures to achieve that solution that you want and need. We use an agile development process, based on SCRUM / kanban and lean development. Our rates average 1000 euro per man-day excluded vat and costs, but this obviously depends on the required scale and expertise.

We develop mainly in Delphi, Oracle and SQL Server, on the platforms Android, Ios, Mac, Windows and Linux for servers.

Please feel free to contact us for any specific questions and quotes.