Always on track!

The Indoor Positioning System or IPS is an easy-to-use system that offers precise information about a user’s location within a complex facility.

Where the GPS or Global Positioning System depends on signals received from 3 or 4 of the 32 satellites in orbit around the Earth, the Consui-IPS makes its calculations solely based on the information provided by iBeacons.

These are small electronic devices designed by Apple, but produced by Consui, that send a Bluetooth signal every 100 milliseconds, to be picked up by smartphones in the vicinity. This information can then be used in any mobile application linked to servers on the Internet.

In a tunnel, train or on board a ship, there are often difficulties to receive satellite information, because the satellites are not or do not remain ‘in sight’ of the terrestrial receiver. Also, many tall buildings or complex facilities are functioning as a Faraday’s cage and make it impossible to receive a very weak signal from a very high altitude.

Still, finding the exact location within a large and complex facility may often be very important and useful, sometimes even lifesaving. It certainly will be in case of a minor or major disaster, when one does not know the building and time acts as a stress factor.

Any company managing a complex facility with many visitors or customers wishes for a device guiding those people towards shops, attractions or specialized services within the facility to optimize client satisfaction, to minimize waiting time, to augment profit, to monitor behavior, to be able to interact and to guarantee safety in case of a minor or major disaster or terrorist attack. The Consui Ltd. Indoor Positioning System or IPS keeps your clients always on track!


Target groups

Consui Ltd. creates exceptional opportunities, including an IPS or Indoor Positioning System into your existing facilities or building project.

Whether you are managing a complex facility such as an airport, train station, hospital, school, university or corporate office or an outdoor amusement park, the Consui Ltd. Indoor Positioning System is perfectly suited to be integrated into your existing facility without having to compromise on any aspect of the day to day life of your workers, customers  or visitors.

CONSUI Ltd. manufactures its own iBeacons according to your needs. Our serverfarms, following High Availability and Disaster Recovery architectures,  guarantee the safety and persistance of your data.

Send us an e-mail detailing your vision on the future of your project and we will gladly visit your facility or look into your plans to make you an offer your visitors will thank you for.

Monitoring the flow of visitors, guiding them towards attractions, ensuring safety and security in case of a minor or major disaster.

Consui Ltd. will keep your company on track!