IPS integrated into your project : all angles covered

CONSUI Ltd. is an international firm of software architects and designers specializing in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects, covering all angles of your project.

At CONSUI Ltd. we understand that a project can only be successful when the objectives and expectations are clear in an early stage. All aspects that may influence the timeframe or the budget accorded to the project are considered and monitored throughout the project. We have the expertise to consider the legal issues or financial issues related to the use of an IPS within your facility to improve the satisfaction of your customers, their safety and security and to create a lasting effect on your financial results.

Legal framework

At CONSUI Ltd. we understand that any activity within a complex facility that involves people and technology, must be performed with respect for the existing legal framework. We have the in-house expertise to adapt our solutions to the circumstances and to interpret the legal obligations resulting from contracts with your suppliers or from the regulations imposed on you by any governmental institutions. We can assist in drafting legal documents, should there be a need for doing so.

Change management

Including an IPS into your facility requires effective change management. We are up to the challenge!

Although an IPS only comes with advantages, resistance to change will be a factor to take into account when implementing an IPS within your facility. Consumers, patients or visitors will have to be persuaded to make use of all the capabilities, will have to get used to log in, will need to accept for their conduct to be monitored and will perhaps be confronted woth minor inconveniences in the earliest stages of implementation of the Indoor Positioning System.

At CONSUI Ltd., we will make a success of the implementation. We take care of communication and education of your customers, but also of the personnel in the marketing and the sales department and of the staff responsible for safety and security within your facility.

Risk Management

At CONSUI Ltd. we consider all risks involved with the implementation of an Indoor Positioning System from the earliest stages of your project onwards and will monitor the evolution of those risks continuously in all phases of the implementation. In our view, risk management includes determining all possible events that might have a positive or negative effect on the outcome of the project. The effect can be related to the expectations, the timeframe or the budget or a combination of all three. CONSUI Ltd. proposes from the start measures to mitigate those risks, i.e. to reduce the probability of occurring and to limit the effect when occurring.

Buying process

Consui believes in you and your project. We offer Software as a Service (SAAS).

The IPS system is offered as a SAAS solution. Software as a service. “Given the benefits for customers the market share of software applications making use of SaaS solutions will only increase”, is a claim expressed by the Dutch Rabobank in its final 2015 ICT report, confirmed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

It differs from the licensing of ‘on premise’ software in that the software is running on a remote location and not on site. As a facility manager, you will only pay a small fee per user that actually uses the software.

Costs related to the study, the production and the installation of the iBeacons and other hardware will be charged separately. This hardware will become your property after payment. Travel expenses and cost for accomodation of the team of software developers or engineers working at your site will be charged separately.

The advantages of the Software as a Service formula to order your tailor made Consui Indoor Positioning System or IPS are numerous. According to our analysts, the Software-as-a-Service concept comes with the following advantages:

  1. less or no investments at commissioning of the software.
  2. periodical use by means of a subscription that can be easily terminated.
  3. SaaS solutions are scalable, making the cost flexible in accordance with the needs of the user.
  4. the customer does not have to be concerned with the management of the software and the infrastructure that runs the software.
  5. Lower cost because there is less staff and equipment needed.
  6. Software vendors remain involved in their customer’s business and strive continuously to further optimization of the system, so the number of departing customers remains as low as possible. This makes the software future-proof.